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Welcome To Scrabble Word Maker

We love playing Scrabble. Everyone in our family. We play on our iPhone, iPod and iPads on a daily basis. But we also play once a week or so, with a real old school board on our family game nights.

Since there are a couple of younger kids in the family that play, typically the adults win the majority of the games. So to try and make it fair, we came up with the idea for Scrabble Word Maker to help out the kids – both to allow them to play some higher point value words when they couldn’t come up with anything, and as an educational tool to help them improve their game and learn more words.

We hope that you find the same enjoyment and value from the Scrabble Word Maker site.

It’s not meant to be anything more than a fun resource to use for a little help when playing Scrabble.

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